Tea Defined - What is Wuyi Rock Tea? || with Zhen Tea

What is Wuyi Rock Tea? Found in the region of Wuyi, the tea harvested here holds within it a special flavor and nuance. Often carrying mineral notes, it has been aptly named "rock tea". Boasting a rich and lasting flavor, the tea is highly sought after. Some of the most expensive teas in the world are auctioned off here. Perhaps you're familiar with the legend of the Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) and how the emperor had the tea bushes draped in a red robe?  The is a lot of history going on in this tea area and we seek it out.

Zhen Tea joins us at the World Tea Expo to talk all about Wuyi tea. What teas come from the area, how are the processed, what do they taste like? We get all these answers and more in this tea vlog episode of the World Tea Podcast.