World Tea Podcast Review - Adagio's Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Pouchong

A Tea Blog Reviewing Adagio Teas

Three teas in one sitting. Crazy? Yes. Delicious? Most definitely. Adagio sent us an email some time ago inquiring if we'd be interested in reviewing their teas. We accepted and decided upon three teas that we were familiar with. A gyokuro, genmaicha, and a pouchong. This would allow for a reasonable brew as we had expectations in mind. 

So how were the teas? Not bad. Certainly not the best we've ever enjoyed, but still reasonable for the price. Seems Adagio has itself well positioned in the market as a supplier offering a wide selection for an affordable price. 

Should you try them? This tea blogger says yes. These teas are worth a try, if only to familiarize yourself with the type of tea and gain a baseline for future tastings. We all have to start somewhere, and Adagio is a suitable place to do so.