the weekly steep || top 8.5 tea news things for aug. 21-25, 2017

A weekly tea blog that promotes afternoon tea.

This week in tea we've got a whole lot of...stuff. Elephant certifications are now a thing. A bank's management decides to cut back on tea to save a dime. And if you need to sell an expensive painting, there maybe a tea shop in Vancouver that can help you out. It's The Weekly Steep!


Near Hamilton, Ontario this November 4th and 5th? The Hamilton Tea Festival has plenty to offer!


  1. Olive tea

  2. Elephant Safty and Tea

  3. Tea & Diplomacy

  4. When in Chocolate Doubt...

  5. Bank suspends afternoon tea

  6. An infographic on Brits habits

  7. Growing Tea Fads

  8. Anyone need a Fence

  9. Georgia Grown