the weekly steep || top 8.5 tea news things for july 31st - aug. 4th, 2017

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Darjeeling running out of tea? Where is the world to turn! Nepal is getting its teas trademarked, how about that. A tea made from a coffee leaf is hitting the market, but does it taste good? Finally, we learn that green tea is good for your health. Who would have thought. All this and more on The Weekly Steep!



  1. Nepal Tea Trademark

  2. Darjeeling Dried Out

  3. What we don't get at Starbucks

  4. Green Tea vs. the West

  5. English Tea Theivery

  6. Green Tea Toothpaste

  7. Engineering Organic Tea

  8. Wize Monkey Tea gives farmers a boost

      8.5. No Tea Stall Reno