the weekly steep || top 8.5 tea news things for Aug. 11th, 2017

This week in tea, Darjeeling. Still. Also, there's an amazing matcha dessert in Japan that looks exactly like a Zen garden. Serious eats right there. Thinking of hosting a Japanese tea party? Beware of cultural appropriation and Tumblr. Oh, Drake is totally into matcha drinks and so should you be too. It's The Weekly Steep!

HOST NOTE - In regards to listener emails about cultural appropriation, an apology has been issued in "The Weekly Steep || Sept. 1st, 2017". Further email correspondence among listeners has convinced me to re-upload the episode. Thank you all for your willingness to talk and kind offerings of opinions and consieradtions.



  1. China's growing coffee trend

  2. The dark side of detox tea

  3. Drake is the new Matcha

  4. A New Electric Kettle, but Square?

  5. A Culturally Appropriate Tea Ceremony?

  6. Serious Matcha Desserts

  7. Seriously, more Darjeeling!

  8. Darjeeling and Charted Accountants

  9. Fruity Chaga Tea