the weekly steep || top 8.5 tea news things for Oct. 6th, 2017

What's new this week in tea? A man loves it so much he changes his name. South Africa is looking to revitalize operations. Matcha is expected to double its global value by 2025. Oh, and they're making a tea perfume now, so that's cool.


Near Hamilton, Ontario this November 4th and 5th? Come check out the Royal Botanical Garden Tea Festival! We're even featuring the exhibitor's so you'll know who to see! This week was The Sugared Teacup.


  1. Change your name to a tea

  2. Tea Perfumes

  3. Brew before you wake

  4. Shed the pounds with Black Tea

  5. How to make good tea

  6. South African tea farm resurgence?

  7. Bejing Tea Time

  8. Matcha sales Skyrocket

  9. Make your own tea