the weekly steep | top 8.5 tea news things July 10-14, 2017

This week in tea we see a new matcha curry recipe making its way to market. Apparently, puttng bitter green leaves into a sauce makes it......bitter. Go figure. Also this week, we have the 150th celebration of Sri Lankan tea, in Scotland. Turns out the man who gave Ceylon a tea market is none other than a James Taylor from Mearns. Bottoms up, it has been a busy week.

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Top 8.5 Tea News Things

  1. Halifax Tea Shop Help

  2. Tea Party Van

  3. Global Oolong Report

  4. Pairing Tea in Hong Kong

  5. Bangkok Tea Money

  6. Matcha Curry

  7. Sri Lankan Tea Legacy

  8. Tea culture in Kochi

      8.5. Fairtrade tea in the UK