the weekly steep | top 8.5 tea news things june 5-9, 2017

A weekly tea blog not for the faint of heart.

This week in tea we see a great develop in contraceptives. You heard that right but it's not what you think. People just got really confused. Also mentos are making the Japanese breathe matcha. Word has it fro the ground that they are gross. Go figure. 

TOP 8.5 Tea News Things:

  1. White Tea in India

  2. India Estates don't want tea

  3. Kenyan Tea Condoms

  4. Chinese Longjing Photo Essay

  5. India's Dark Tea Underworld

  6. India's Small Tea Farmers

  7. Matcha Mentos

  8. Don't drink the plane water

       8.5 Tea Infused Wine