the weekly steep | top 8.5 tea news things! June 19-23, 2017

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And another week brews away leaving us confused, amazed, worried, and thirsty for more. What did you miss? Well, Portugal has a special island with a tea garden that grows a kind of purple tea. Darjeeling has a huge strike going on so don't expect any second flush black tea this year. Oh, and Japan has been hogging the matcha ice cream to itself and won't be sharing. 

Top 8.5 Tea News Things!

  1. Free Tea on the Highway

  2. Portugal's Tea Island

  3. Haagen-Dazs in Japan

  4. No Second Flush for you

  5. Teforia ain't for everyone

  6. Tea Farm Taxes

  7. Educating Assam

  8. Tea Trade Deals between Japan and the EU

      8.5. A Rooibos Monopoly