world tea expo 2017 - recap & thoughts

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Recapping the World Tea Expo in Tea Blog Style

Last week we went to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo 2017. Over the course of three days, we tasted some great teas, attended conferences, walked the trade show floor, and finally ate at White Castle. Today's podcast, as per tradition, is our brief overview and recap of the events that transpired and insight into the weeks ahead. Many thanks to:

 Steph from Twinimation - for all the videography and being a great resource of information

Jo and Naomi - for getting the Tea Blogger's Roundtable up and running

Tealet - for having yet another awesome party and offering sweet recording space

Dobashien - for being super hospitable and showing me the range Japanese tea can take

And everyone else who was able to come onto the podcast and share their stories. The Tea Spot, Zhen Tea, Teforia, The Tea Stylist, and anyone I've forgotten to mention. If you need me I'll be buried in content on the editing room floor. Steep deep my friends!