the weekly steep | top 8.5 tea news things! May 22-26, 2017

A weekly tea blog for the uninformed.

This week we learn that Oman imports a TON of tea from China, mugshots takes an entirely different meaning, detox teas can get you pregnant, and we were so close to getting a matcha hamburger smoothie on the menu. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.

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TOP 8.5 Tea News Things!

  1. Longjing uping its game

  2. Tea in Cocktails

  3. Tea is your name

  4. Matcha Burger Smoothie

  5. 8 matcha treats I'll never make

  6. Sainsbury moves away from Fairtrade

  7. Nepal teas invade Darjeeling

  8. Tea will get you pregnant

       8.5. The new Mugshot