the weekly steep | top 8.5 tea news things! May 15-19 2017

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The week of May 15th has been a great one for tea. So many things are happening that even we can't keep track of it all. With all the harvested happening this season we should have expected some interesting stories to rise to the surface from these tea gardens. 

So what went down this week? Well, the teas of Rwanda and Darjeeling are making their way to market so that's interesting given the financials and markets that drive them; good news stuff here. How about a fox that drinks tea? A little weirder we'll admit. You may own a house cat, but tea fields in India have leopards. Oh, and being a tea farmer is likely to get you jacked enough to claim a Guinness World Record. 

TOP 8.5 Tea News Things!

8.5 How to use Matcha Green Tea

8. Rwanda's Tea Scoops Top Accolades At Regional Quality Contest in Nairobi

7. Women flock to afternoon tea at luxury hotels

6. Pakistani tea seller claims two world records

5. Darjeeling tea prices up 25 per cent on lower output

4. Ringtons are looking for a tea taster. Tea fan Jane Hall put her taste buds to the test

3. Cannabis for women gives new meaning to ‘High Tea’

2. WATCH Sweep the tea-loving Nuneaton fox

1. Tea-time means leopard-time in India