podcasting on a specific industry: launch, market, & grow! | how to start a podcast

A tea blog that tell you how to start a podcast.

Many thanks to Ken Cohen of the Talking Tea Podcast for sharing with me his edit of the episode. You can listen to all of his great interviews at Talking Tea.


Whether a podcast topic has an audience and if you should pursue it

  • Is anybody doing what your doing
  • Take a risk and just do it.
  • TJ had no “ultimate goal” of his podcast, for his own interest
  • Give it 5 episodes. (depending on the time this may be more) or give it 6 months to see how much traffic you can get.
  • Ken wanted to create an audience
  • Ken – talk to a blogger or people in the industry to find if there is a need (they know more than you and are great way to get help, and do your own research to see what is out there)
  • Have no expectations….a niche will not have a lot of views as a more popular topic or subject
  • Nothing is stopping you from doing a podcast.

Where to get material and how to leave no stone unturned

  • Research vs. Intuition/Life Experience
  • Fact Checking (should it be done? To what extent)
  •  TJ does before (preliminary checks, gets a sense of what the person knows, steers the conversation from there)
  • Ken does after (edits out or inquiries deeper during the podcast)
  • Where to get material
  • Finding leads through people in the industry
  • Going to visit companies (small businesses vs large)
  • Events, speeches, emails
  • Using life experiences (TJ has customs knowledge, tea travel [who you have met])
  • Business Cards
  • Pursuing a guest (tenacious vs. courteous)

Reaching out to experts, professionals, and strangers

  • Inquiring emails, LinkedIn, word of mouth, simply saying “Hello”, ask for their opinion
  • Getting leads – know what topics you’d like to talk about and research the people who know them
  • Getting listed in podcast/blogger directories or sites

Developing topics about your industry

  • Through your own personal experiences (what can you do to examine your topic)
  • What do people want to hear (read these from blogs or forums)
  • Joining industry-related organizations (Tea Bloggers Association, r/tea, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada)
  • Creative use of field locations
  • Attending courses/classes/workshops (Podcamp, Blogger Round Tables [WTE], etc)
  • Deconstruct the item (Tea: leaves, pottery, tradition, ceremony, etc) 
  •  Cake (wheat, sugars, fondant, shapes/mold, techniques)
  • Craft Beer (Ingredients, Defining “Craft Beer”, Yeasts, Beer History)
  • Ceramics (referrals, offering samples for experts to analyze)

The balance between promoting an industry and independent journalism

  • Fact Checking
  • How hard hitting should you be? do you want to be?
  •  To review products (or services) or not to review?
  • Dealing with controversial issues