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A tea blog on how to use your tongue.

I wasn't expecting to be contacted and asked to present a talk for the Tea Guild of Canada but I wasn't about to pass the opportunity by. The only question was, "What do I present"? I decided on a past tea podcast series I had made entitled "The 5 Tastes of Tea" where I investigated the causes, the chemistry, behind the tastes. You can listen to each individual podcast on Bitter, Umami, Sweet, Salt, and Sour by following the links for a more in-depth discussion.

Feel free to follow along with the slideshow, the very same presentation I gave to the Guild, and I apologize in advance for any hiccups or skewed information. I'm in no way a Food Scientist or Biologist or Chemist and so if any information needs to be updated please send me an email and let me know.

Many thanks to and Chayo Tea for the tea samples and the Chinese tasting translations.

Teas Tasted:

Bitter -  Kamairicha

Umami - Gyokuro Konacha

Sweet - Genmaicha

Salt - Sakura + Genmaicha

Sour - Goishicha