click subscribe - an interview about tea subscriptions

Today's Tea Blog and Show Notes

A little late to the table as the Kickstarter is now over, however the content here is great. The Toronto Tea Festival had me busy even days after the event (accounting and inventory for the win!) and I've finally been able to get around to editing this episode. 

Harideep Kalaveena sits in on this episode and talks with me about his now successful launch of "Story Of My Tea" a tea subscription service. With an appealing design, affordable price, and marketing direction all that's left is to taste the leaves! But what has to happen to reach this point? What were the struggles, the efforts, and the decisions made?

Curiosity gets the better of me and for near an hour I prod, pry, and inquire about all facets of the project. Having once sourced for a tea subscription company myself I was very curious on the methodologies that Story Of My Tea followed.

Keep that cup warm and enjoy!