toronto on a mountain | a chat with high mountain tea co

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Just as I had reached the end of my tea stash an invite to join the purveyor of High Mountain Tea Co in Toronto's Kensington Market was found in my inbox. Surprisingly enough I had recently read an article about it over on the World of Tea blog. Not one to make the kettle wait, I promptly headed into the city. I quickly found myself walking the familiar streets of Toronto and exploring some favorite neighborhoods of mine. All was as I remembered it except of course for the new tea shop on Baldwin St. 

Entering into the shop and welcomed by Conor, the owner, and dedicated tea enthusiast, I found a seat at the large wooden table set in the back of the shop. The high ceiling and close walls painted gray, made for a very warm and comfortable occasion. Truly putting me at ease was the tea tray ahead of me. Augmented with a smooth piece of granite on top of which a ceramic bowl lay, the tray made for a superb centerpiece. Obvious were the signs that Conor knew what he was doing.

Many laughs were had and topics discussed including the obvious introductions, tea sourcing, travels, and experiences. What I truly enjoyed was the analysis of Toronto's patrons. Who they are, what questions they ask, and where the market is going. Only opened for two weeks, High Mountain Tea Co unfortunately did not have much to report. What was said was great to hear: an interested customer base, questions on processing, and a developing foot traffic. I cannot wait to see what the spring season brings.