resteeping the 2017 toronto tea festival

A tea blog that loves a good festival.

The Toronto Tea Festival is by far one of the best tea festivals I have been involved in. Amazing people, stories, and tea. Thank you to all who I met, those behind the scenes, and who I didn't meet but probably should have. 

Today's episode follows a growing tradition I have of giving an honest reflection of the event previously attended. Here I examine details that I've stored away, impressions I've had, and questions that have been bothering me. This comes from a vendor/exhibitor/media perspective as these are typically my role at these events.

Some highlights of the podcast include the observation of patrons preference for credit over cash in transactions, the sale of chaga and its raising popularity, maximizing booth space (something I regret not giving enough thought to), and meeting a wealth of new friends.

It's an interesting tea podcast and I try to be as charmingly frank as I can. This is one of the few topics where I mean for the content to be for myself, but I know any tea enthusiast will be interested in the "behind the scenes" intricacies of exhibiting at a tea festival. Enjoy!

I mention in the podcast to check out Ken Cohen's Talking Tea Podcast. You can find it here.