tea book review | tea life, tea mind by soshitsu sen xv

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Steaming from the kettle today is a tea book review. Curious? You should be! This wonderful little novel: Tea Life, Tea Mind written by Shoshitsu Sen XV is a delightfully satisfying read. The author himself is of direct lineage to Sen Rikyu. Heads up, the guy is kind of an important figure when it comes to the Japanese tea ceremony.

This podcast covers the history of the tea ceremony, an overview of the book as a whole, and observations about what the book has to say concerning the tea ceremony. If you practice the ceremony, you'll most assuredly want to pick this book up. If not, well, give it a read anyway, The information in here is unexpectedly informative. Hear who the players are, what the principles of the ceremony are, and the incredible developments that the ceremony has undergone since its inception.