the 5 tastes of tea - what is sweet

What is Sweetness?

Ah, sweetness. Who isn't familiar with it? From honey to chocolate sweet things are something the majority of us all crave and love. But what is it? Certainly a slice of cake isn't the best description. In this week's podcast we cut through the batter to examine what causes us to taste sweetness and how tea does just that.

Of course if you add milk to your tea or have a habit of dunking biscuits into your morning earl gray, then you'll have tasted sweetness in your tea. But what about the subtle sweetness of a white peony from Fujian? Or the brief sweetness from a rice blended genmaicha? Why are we tasting it there? In today's episode let's find out why carbs are not the enemy and how anything that ends in "-ose" is likely to be the culprit.