the 5 tastes of tea - what is sour

What is the taste of Sour?

This World Tea Podcast episode may not highlight the best tea in the world, but it certainly offers one of the most unique. Now, sourness is not the most commanding of tastes, and while the podcast elaborates on this point, we should let you know few teas are intended to taste sour. 

Oolongs for example are known to be sour if they undergo poor processing. This is often a distinguishable feature of a good oolong versus a poor quality one. However some teas, like the rare Japanese tea goishicha procured by Furyu and sold by are intended to be so.

We wont be ambiguous, acids are the culprit to the sour taste, but how and why will be left for the tea podcast to tell. So taste some sourness and enjoy one of the five tastes of tea.