setting sail for tea | how to start drinking tea

A tea blog that started on lipton yellow label tea bags.

Do you recall your tea journey? What made you look up a tea blog? Were you surprised to learn that the dust in your teabag wasn't the highest quality of tea out there? You're not alone.

This week on the World Tea Podcast we set sail for tea, hoisting anchor, and exploring what it takes to get oneself into tea. What is "into tea"? We'd like to say it's when you spend several minutes deciding on which tea to purchase, not because of the flat tummy tea vs. pomegranate blueberry flavor. No, it's when you can't decide if you want to try the TGFOP from India or the recently harvested sencha from Japan. 

Tune in and hear all the hurdles one can look forward to leaping over in their search for a better leaf.