Gradual exposure to tea over the course of my life led me to dig deeper into the subject during my post-secondary years. This eventually culminated in a work-placement at Obubu Tea Farms in Wazuka, Japan in the Winter of 2013.

Arriving back in Canada later that year I found work in logistics and trade. During the long hours spent in my lonesome cubicle I came to fall in love with many podcasts, though the cafeteria never had any tea that could rival rural Japan's.

It was then I decided to create this podcast, The World Tea Podcast, to bring my ever growing hobby and passion into a medium where it could serve a purpose. Ever since, I have traveled to several World Tea Expos, met and interviewed numerous industry personnel,  and sipped some very good teas.

I hope the podcasts, blogs, and videos keep you entertained, educated, and invigorate within you a passion for tea.

Keep that cup warm,

TJ Williamson


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